Spectrum Volume 2: When The Image Speaks Back

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Diversity knows no one group. Bold Culture has started with these three underrepresented groups because its team has personal and familial connections with the groups. As this platform grows in support and resources, it is our mission to gradually introduce other minority groups and continue our mission of showing a global perspective.

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“Sort Of” And On-Screen Non Binary Depictions Through A Tender and Careful Gaze

I will never forget the people who first acknowledged me when I felt uncomfortable with stating my transness. Their simple act of asking me how I choose to identify, regardless of what…

Visibility Versus Being Seen: In Conversation with Dr. Nathan Alexander Moore

Since I was a little girl I knew that I would be on TV. I knew that I would be a star. I just knew it. And I believed it, too. I…

The Psychology Of Cisgender Audacity: On Black Men’s Desire To Caricaturize & Become Female

By Jamie Lee Andrea Long Chu stated in her prolific experimental monograph “Females: A Concern” that “everyone is female — and everyone hates it.” I remember when I first read this, I…

The Will to Change: Book Club Wave

By eli berry st. john Not many people are blessed to live a life of ever-expanding gender presentation and performance, a life where you have experienced being treated as man, woman, and…

Beyond Representation

Written by Shaadi D. As quickly as trans women become more visible in the media and political landscape, we also see a pushback in terms of policy and the political discourse. Alongside…

Rest Is Not A Dirty Word – Burning Out While Pursuing My Immigrant Parents’ American Dream for Me
Burning out while pursuing my Pakistani, immigrant parents’ American dream for me   By Sahrish Qureshi – Director, Strategy & Insights at VMLY&R, co-Chair, B.EAST (Asia Diaspora) ERG at VMLY&R   From…