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Diversity knows no one group. Bold Culture has started with these three underrepresented groups because its team has personal and familial connections with the groups. As this platform grows in support and resources, it is our mission to gradually introduce other minority groups and continue our mission of showing a global perspective.

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What Is A Woman?
By Shaadi D This question has become the refrain for those who label themselves “gender critics” as the moniker for a movement that is dedicated to proving that the way transgender people…
Fatima Jamal on “When The Image Speaks Back” : Spectrum Volume II
For Black transfemmes, placelessness is a key to their navigation of space. I theorize this contradictory state of being as a transliminality, as the Black transfemme is always visible but on the…
“Toot, Boot, Shoot”: Critiquing Trans and Non-Binary Characters in Entertainment
You know a show is a good show when there’s the show, a show within the show, an after-show, a show critiquing the show, and a number of spin-offs that diversify, classify,…
In Conversation with Pose and T4Short Producer Jonovia Chase
Jonovia Chase likes being in the front seat.  Best known for FX’s hit Pose, Chase’s work on the Emmy Award-winning drama is a culmination of over a decade of activity in New…
“Sort Of” And On-Screen Non Binary Depictions Through A Tender and Careful Gaze
I will never forget the people who first acknowledged me when I felt uncomfortable with stating my transness. Their simple act of asking me how I choose to identify, regardless of what…
Visibility Versus Being Seen: In Conversation with Dr. Nathan Alexander Moore

Since I was a little girl I knew that I would be on TV. I knew that I would be a star. I just knew it. And I believed it, too. I…