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Diversity knows no one group. Bold Culture has started with these three underrepresented groups because its team has personal and familial connections with the groups. As this platform grows in support and resources, it is our mission to gradually introduce other minority groups and continue our mission of showing a global perspective.

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world sexual health day
The Benefits and Pitfalls of Recognizing World Sexual Health Day in the Office

While sexual health is an important topic for mental, physical, and emotional reasons, bringing sexual topics into the work environment is generally frowned upon. It can even be cause for dismissal if…

Janice Gassam Asare
10 must-read articles by Dr. Janice Gassam-Asare to get up to speed on the importance of DEI in America

Editor’s Note: Bookmark this page. These articles are must-reads.   Dr. Janice Gassam Asare is one of the most popular current voices in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion profession. With over 41,000…

DaBaby’s Homophobia Underscores the Need for Intersectionality in the Fight Against HIV

DaBaby’s recent unprompted homophobic comments at a recent performance are not just ignorant but downright misinformed and dangerous. His comments underscore a persistent lack of understanding the general public has surrounding HIV,…

The Relevancy of Women’s Equality Day
Established in 1973, Women’s Equality Day commemorates the certification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Each year the President of the United States makes a statement on August…
Four diverse kids wear facemasks sit at table use wireless gadgets. Generation Alpha
It’s not to early too get ready for Generation Alpha

Scientists have observed that the time between one generation and the next is shrinking because of rapid digital transformation: “so much so that generations are increasingly defined by the use of a…

By taking a more inclusive approach to building customer profiles, you can attract consumers from marginalized backgrounds who don’t usually see themselves as the target audience for a product.
Inclusive Approaches to Building Customer Profiles

Many businesses assume their target customers’ needs through market segmentation, or “the division of customers into groups based on demographics such as age, ethnicity, gender, zip code, income level or education level.”…