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Diversity knows no one group. Bold Culture has started with these three underrepresented groups because its team has personal and familial connections with the groups. As this platform grows in support and resources, it is our mission to gradually introduce other minority groups and continue our mission of showing a global perspective.

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10 Latinx Podcasts You Should Know About

September 15th is the start Hispanic Heritage Month which is meant to celebrate and recognize the contributions and cultures of Hispanic and Latinx Americans. Also in September, International Podcast Day (#InternationalPodcastDay) on…

Luisana Rodriguez
Personal Insights: Coming of Age as Thick-haired in Latin America

By Luisana Rodriguez   2010, age 9, was the first time I was urged to begin applying heat to my wavy, thick hair. As a Latina born and raised in Venezuela, the…

Personal Insights: Why Biculturalism is my Superpower in Business

By Naoma Serna-Zahn The culture you grow up in and around is what shapes you and how you think – but what happens when you grow up in a bi-cultural world? While…

In Celebration of American Business Women
Generations of women entrepreneurs and business leaders have been paving the way for new, aspiring professionals through their admirable leadership, contributions, and achievements. Within the last decade, an influx of diverse women…
Celebrate Making Your Workplace More Accessible for Deaf People

This week is International Week of the Deaf People. Let’s celebrate it by spreading awareness about accessibility for deaf employees. Audism is a term used to describe the descrimination deaf people face…

Dismantling Machismo in Entertainment Through the Generations

  Growing up in a Mexican-American family, I learned what passion looked and sounded like at a very young age. I watched my abuelito sing the most tear-jerking rancheras in his mariachi,…