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Diversity knows no one group. Bold Culture has started with these three underrepresented groups because its team has personal and familial connections with the groups. As this platform grows in support and resources, it is our mission to gradually introduce other minority groups and continue our mission of showing a global perspective.

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Consumer Impact

black-owned children's focused brands

10 Black owned children’s-focused brands to buy from this holiday season

Buy Black is more than a shopping list, it’s a movement. Since Maggie Anderson’s 2009 book about trying to buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses in the Chicago area, the movement has grown…


When AAVE Becomes an Agent of Consumer Marketing

When AAVE Becomes an Agent of Consumer Marketing: The Pitfalls of Cultural Appropriation In Marketing   Paper advertisements and word of mouth were once premier forms of marketing, but in the age…

Finding a Champion Can Change Your Career for the Better

The competition for leadership positions and promotions can be maddening. It’s rarely enough to do a good, or even excellent, job and be promoted based on talent or work ethic alone. Instead,…

lgbtq employees should feel safe at work
LGBTQIA+ People Deserve to Feel Safe at Work

53% of LGBTQIA people are closeted at work. When polled on why, the overwhelming response was due to the workplace becoming uncomfortable, or even hostile, when they’d outed themselves in workplaces previously…

Malik Mentoring: Closing the Communications Gap: Building Engaged Teams

In the previous article, we discussed common barriers to communication between executives and employees and how those barriers can negatively impact an organization’s productivity. Whether it stems from a lack of time…

Malik Mentoring: Common Communication Barriers Between Employees and Executives

In a conversation with a friend who was caught off guard during her performance review, she thought she was up for promotion as she had accomplished tangible projects that brought her accolades…

gay stereotypes on tv
Common LGBTQIA+ Stereotypes on TV

For all the acclaimed representation of LGBTQIA+ lives and experiences on shows such as Pose, Special, and Sex Education, stereotypical depictions of the LGBTQIA+ community continue to appear on TV. Representation in…