8 Latinx Leaders Building Community

Written By Darren Martin
Community building is one of the most important parts of any movement particularly one that deals with institutional change, such as increasing the number of Latinx individuals in the communication and tech industries, and creating environments where they feel supported and are apt for growth.
Those movements are usually lead by multiple groups who organize through both unique and common techniques. Those groups are effective because of the people who are committed to the mission, and the vision and influence of their leaders.
Here are some LatinX leaders who are creating community for Latinx communication and tech talent:

Janel Martinez is the Founder of Ain’t I Latina?, an online destination created by afro-latina for afro-latinas. Martinez was inspired by the lack of representation in mainstream media, as well as Spanish-language media. She then created a space where millennial Latinas can celebrate their diversity.

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