Advertising Should Rethink Its Diverse Talent Pipeline

It is time the advertising industry rethinks the construction of its diverse talent pipeline. As the world continues to connect through technology, politics, and social movements, it is more important than ever for the companies responsible for crafting the story of consumer brands to mirror the consumers influencing engagement and global purchase decisions.

In the US, multicultural consumers will become the majority of spenders by 2020. This new age wave of multicultural consumerism is arguably present, emerging in a time where technology has amplified the democracy of creation and speech.

Traditional advertising agencies have not aggressively filled the gap between global advertisements and diversity. Well aware of a cultural shift, consumers and former agency employees are building consultancies to teach brands how to speak to their communities.

There are programs such as the Marcus Graham Project, MAIP, IRTS, CCNY, Miami Ad School, and others that have built communities of...

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