Bold Voices On Colorism

“Growing up I never saw people in telenovelas that looked like me and my family, and we would watch them every night at dinner. I grew up having an identity crisis; even people [in the Dominican Republic] would say that I was too black to be Dominican, yet my entire family was as dark as me and looked like me. […]  When I see a dark-skinned Latina on a Spanish network as the lead actress, I’ll shut up – but until then I’m going to keep talking and I’ll keep making people uncomfortable.”
 – Social Media Influencer Monica Veloz
   (speaking at the Insta-Influencers panel discussion
   at the Futuro Digital Conference)

“I’ve always been black and my skin is like that, it comes in my DNA, it’s part of my race. For years Afro-Latinos have been ignored. There is no Latin country where there are no blacks and they still don’t take us into account. They do not see us in soap operas, in movies, or on magazine covers. And it is not bec...

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