How Companies Can Solve Their Multicultural Talent Attrition Problems and Increase Employee Engagement: Introduction

Diversity has been discussed repeatedly as a business strategy that helps to increase an organization’s bottom-line results, innovative growth and overall success. This is best done when when executives focus on increasing opportunity for personal and organizational achievement and advancement. The current talent pipeline is not the solution to diversity & inclusion in communication, technology and media professions. In fact, there is not one solution to approaching diversity and inclusion because it is something that should be embedded throughout all company units and processes. As executives begin to realize this, we will be able to increase talent retention and engagement at companies. Because the industries are slow to collectively recognize and support this need for professional achievement and advancement, attrition of people of color in the communication, technology and media industries remains a problem.

In Google’s 2018 inclusion report, it pointed to this fact. While G...

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