How To Attract Latinx Talent

Written By Andrea Guendelman
Between 1980 and 2012, the population of Latino millennials age 15–34 tripled in size, and nearly 900,000 Latino citizen children will turn 18 each year between 2011 and 2028. Attracting Latinx Millennial talent is essential to the growth of any organization. After all, they bring a global perspective and insights into a market with immense purchasing power. But many employers we speak to often report that they struggle to recruit and retain Latinx Millennial candidates.
On the flip side, Latinx Millennials often enter the workforce lacking the social capital, insider knowledge and mentorship that is often instrumental to success in the first few years. It is common for users of our platform The Wallbreakers which was created to build connections among this group, to feel invisible by recruiters and are seeking opportunities where their unique skill set will be valued, recognized and not just serve to meet a diversity quota.
Here are some tips on h...

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