How to Fix the Latinx Diversity Problem in Tech and Advertising

Written By Virginia Isaad
The disparity between Latinos/as and African Americans versus white and asians is painfully evident in the tech sector. Facebook’s third diversity report reveals that Latinx and African Americans still make up a tiny fraction of the company’s workforce yet they made up 16 and 12 percent of the workforce in 2014. This is not an isolated case among tech giants. Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter all have a similar percentage of Latino employees making up 8 percent of the workforce at Apple, 4 percent at Microsoft and just 3 percent at Twitter and Google, according to recruiting company 42Hire.
Latinos/as enrollment in college continues to increase at a rate greater than African American, whites, and Asians according the Pew Hispanic center and they’ll reportedly represent more than 50 percent of the workforce by 2050. If Latinos in the US were a nation, they would constitute the 12th largest economy in the world. With so much power in numbers in the US, why ...

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