Latinx Behind The Lens: On The Need For Represention Off Camera

Written by Gabriela Fresquez

In this new Golden Age of TV, viewers have come to expect a lot from their television binge-watching sessions in all aspects of storytelling. What makes today’s television experience distinct is the move towards more originality, cultural nuance, and diversity, a term so often used to define support of cultural inclusion that some now write it off as an empty buzzword.
Just as representation in the workplace is about more than filling an obligatory diversity-hire on Starbucks’ regional board, representation in television and film is more multi-layered than who we see onscreen in our favorite ABC sitcom.
And in a town like Hollywood, historically quick to pat itself on the back when a colorful list of nominees is released during award-show season, it is easy to lose sight of the type of representation that is truly necessary for authentic Latinx stories to exist: Latinx people behind the lens.
As Manuel Betancourt, editor and...

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