The Benefits of Networking Properly with the Latinx Community

Written By Andrea Guendelman
Networking accounts for as much as 85 percent of currently held jobs, but for too many young Latinxs, it’s not providing the same benefits and opportunities.
What isn’t often talked about is that networking is inherently self-selecting and it excludes large numbers of millennials, namely Latinxs and young job seekers who don’t have connections to company executives, Ivy League institutions or other professionals who could help them. The path of a first-generation Latinx college student just graduating from school and breaking into the job market today is very different from that of a third-generation Stanford legacy student. Believe it or not, networking doesn’t begin in college, but long before.
Typical networking articles usually advise job seekers to “utilize their rich network of former colleagues, friends, and relatives.” Good advice, but it fails to take into account how different a young Latinx’s professional environment actually is. Latinx ...

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