The John, John and John Show: Diversity & Inclusion Efforts Are Hitting a Glass Ceiling in the Media and Tech Industries

The media and tech industries have been talking about their lack of diversity for decades now. And yet, despite panel discussion upon pipeline recruiting initiative upon keynote speech, the executive teams of most U.S.-based companies in these industries continue to look remarkably similar to how they looked half a century ago, made up of primarily middle-aged White men. I’ve coined this phenomenon the “John, John and John Show.”


This enduring lack of diversity, despite all of the posturing, was once again made evident when Adweek released their “2018 Power List: 100 Cutting-Edge CEOs in Marketing, Media, Branding and Tech.” To quote Cindy Gallop: “the fact [that] Adweek’s Power 2018 list features 95 men, only 12 women, 0 black people, is why we need a new definition of ‘power’.”


The New York Times Glass Ceiling Index offers another view of the gender disparity.


Source: New York Times

The world is becoming ever more diverse and interconnect...

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