This Isn’t Kansas Anymore: More Like Atlanta

In the last 20 years, the elevation of targeted marketing, big data, and social media has greatly influenced marketing strategies.
New technologies, reductions in barriers to entry, and the explosion of social media, make it easier for businesses to connect with audiences anywhere in the world.
Simultaneously, customers are able to discover and buy from companies that align with their values, which has given them increased power in the purchasing process. In tandem this has led to greater satisfaction among customers and revenue growth for businesses.
The world is now flat: global and local marketing is possible on a scale like never before. Why? Because of the existence of digital marketing. In a world where anyone can communicate with anyone – even on the other side of the globe – how does your brand stand out?
How does your brand or client’s brand get the attention and/or sales of target consumers?
Which audiences are currently leading to more sales, because they are actually s...

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