Understanding The Consumer: A Case For Cultural And Generational Nuance

Written By Jennifer Caroccio

How can marketers and researchers fully engage the ever-growing US Latinx population? According to a NERA report,the Latino population increased to 57 million in 2015, constituting about 17% of the nation’s total population. Per a 2016 Nielsen report, Latinx buying power in 2015 swelled to 1.3 trillion dollars. The NERA report suggests that US Latinx consumers produce enough GDP that if they were a country they would have the fourteenth largest economy in the world. The Latino Donor Collaborative’s report observed the number of new Latinx entrepreneurs grew higher than other groups from 2002 to 2014. These statistics speak to the significance of Latinx buying power and their strong influence on the US economy.

In considering the sizeable Latinx community, we must view Latinx culture as heterogeneous. Latinxs speak multiple languages (English, Spanish, Nahuatl), and are from various racial, religious and class backgrounds, which means they share co...

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