Bold Voices on Inclusive Management & Marketing: Amy Gomez – Cross Cultural Marketing Specialist

Amy Gomez and I am a cross-cultural marketing specialist.
Bold Culture - Darren Martin Jr (BC): Please tell us a little about your background and journey. How did you get into marketing and advertising?
Amy Gomez (A.G.) (00:11):
Like most people, absolutely by chance. So also like most people in the advertising world, I have a PhD in comparative medieval literature specializing in Italian because I was very practical when I was in my twenties. And you know, medieval Italian poetry, there's always a market for that. Right? Absolutely no regrets about it. I got to study with extraordinary scholars. I got to spend about two and a half years living in Italy, teaching in Italy. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But as I was getting close to finishing my doctorate, I started to realize that I loved the teaching. But the core of your career is this esoteric research and writing that this many people will read and this many people would care about....

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