Bold Voices on Inclusive Management & Marketing: Elise James DeCruise of MediaMath

Elise James DeCruise  (00:03):
Oh, thanks for having me, Darren. This was amazing.
Tell us about your role in MediaMath as the Head of Multicultural Marketing and Inclusion? 
Elise James DeCruise  (00:09):
MediaMath is within the ad tech space. We have a platform that enables companies, brands to manage all of their digital marketing through our platform. I joined the ad tech space a little over 15 years ago now. And I started out in the space heading up education. I think there's a big opportunity to transform the industry through the lens of education and I know, we'll talk a little more about that later. I'm really excited to be at a company that embraces diversity and inclusion and also to think more intentionally about the role that multicultural marketing plays within the broader ecosystem. So prior to the the role that I'm in now I headed up the New Marketing Institute, which was educational arm of the company which I founded in...

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