Bold Voices on Inclusive Management & Marketing: Meet Keni Thacker

My name is Keni Thacker and I've been a diversity advocate and advertising for eight years. Next January will be nine years that I've been doing this. And it's been great. It hasn't been easy. To be totally honest with you is not been easy, but it's filled my soul.
Darren Martin Jr - Bold Culture (BC): How Long Have You Been In The Advertising Industry?
Keni Thacker (KT): Well, I've actually been in the industry for 15 years, like going on 15 years and I don't really have this like story of like being like getting into this industry like traditionally. So like I didn't do MAIP, I didn't do MGP, I didn't do AAF, any of those great organizations that I just mentioned, I did not have the opportunity to be a part of those orga nizations cause I didn't know about those organizations. So literally I fell into this organization due to the fact that post-college, I did a lot of event technology work and so that's how I actually got in. ...

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