Bold Voices on Inclusive Management & Marketing: Meet Love Malone

Love Malone: (00:03)
Hello, my name is love Malone. I am the founder and CEO of Gradient Group.
Darren Martin Jr, Bold Culture (BC): How did you get into the advertising industry?
LM: (00:12)
I am in this mid area where the technology has been changing almost every industry. So after I graduated from college, I went into pharmaceutical marketplace, but that's changed because of technology. And so I went over into advertising literally through you know, looking at my company at the time I was with Merck pharmaceuticals and they have purchased Schering-Plough. And so, most of our jobs were redundant. And so it was time for you to find a place or you need to look for another job. When the market is changing as quick as it is because of industry, you always have to be able to pivot very quickly. And so I decided that, the time Obama had a healthcare czar, so I thought maybe I could be a healthcare czar, but for Merck pharmaceutical. So I saw a pr...

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