Gender and Sexuality in the Eyes of Gen Z

Written by Skylar Ezell
Acceptance of diverse gender and sexual identities is on the rise. Generation Z, or those born after 1996 or so, are exploring paths of sexuality and gender expression that go beyond the binary and taboos of their predecessors. Three recent studies reflect this.
In 2017, market research firm Ipsos Mori found that only 66 percent of Gen Z identified as strictly heterosexual, the lowest number of any living generation. That’s an estimated 24 million youth who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Many have said that the nature of today’s interconnected world – including the internet and social media – has helped Gen Z as they seek information about complex issues on identity. 
"In particular, this generation of young [people have]  grown up at a time when gender as a simple binary and fixed identity has been questioned much more widely – this is new, and will affect wider views of gender, sexuality and much broader aspects of identity," the report’s co-author...

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