Queer Media Spotlight: SLAY TV

SLAY TV exists today to give this generation something I never had while growing up. Yes, there were Black men in the media at the time. However, there was no representation of Black queer men. I didn’t see my full self reflected at all.
I created my first web series No Shade in 2013, a dramedy that follows the life of a gay artist in Brooklyn who finally comes to grips with his sexuality, is comfortable in his own skin, and embarks on journey of self-discovery. We gained lots of subscribers, but I wanted to find a way to monetize our series outside of YouTube. 
My co-founder, Terry Torrington, always talked about not seeking validation from anyone, and he came up with the idea to start our own platform. In 2016, I immediately got to work creating our very first app. We then utilized YouTube to promote it. Because we were filmmakers, we brought on an additional co-founder, Jame Felton Keith, to help us scale-up the business.
In the early days of SLAY TV, there was so much to l...

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