Trans Visibility and Commercialization: A Paradox

Written By: Shar Jossell 
Representation is one of those tricky things where there’s hardly any middle ground. Even with all of the checks and balances in place, there are victories and there are missteps. But like all things in life, visibility can be layered and complicated. When I think of the commercialization and visibility of trans people throughout the years, I have mixed emotions, most of them being positive. Still, the culture has strides to make when it comes to broadening the spectrum, character dimension and development of many trans characters. But we seem to be heading in a progressive direction, thankfully. 
As someone who grew up in what I call the “salacious 90s,” most (if not all) of the images I saw throughout media often relegated trans women to cheap punchlines and jokes à la shows like Maury and Jerry Springer. And we won’t even begin to talk about how they vastly ignored the reality of trans men even existing!
Attempting to unpack this in adolescence was...

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