Who Gets to Bring Their Whole Self to Work?

Written by Titi Naomi Tukes
Elite companies always ask their employees to “bring their authentic selves to work.” But such a request is detached as all authenticity is not rewarded in the workplace as companies have long been known to enforce dress codes that discriminate against Black people, Muslims, and differently-abled bodies. Non-binary workers are no different. 
In some respects, our mere presence can be an offense to the very institutions we serve — the retail store, the classroom, the multinational corporation. These various work places in ways subtle and explicit have worked to exclude non-binary people. While some investment in gender-related issues in the workplace has been done, it’s largely missed those outside the gender binary with people with gender-variant identities (genderqueer, non-binary, gender non conforming, two-spirit) being all but excluded. We have largely been ignored and at worst punished. 
To that end, the call for authenticity from those most at...

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