15 Black YouTubers You Should Know and Why

By Alicia Williams
When it comes to creativity, African-American artists have never used their lack of resources as an excuse to keep them from creating entertainment in an out of the box way. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite YouTube content creators from three different categories to showcase some of the best in Technology, Beauty, and Pop Culture. These artists are showing creativity, innovation, and breaking barriers for people of color in their respective industries while growing their audiences and broadcasting the talent range of people of color.

5 Tech YouTubers You Should Know

Photo Source: Instagram.com/mkbhd

Marques Brownlee
Stats: 10.6M subscribers
Since joining YouTube in 2008, Marques Brownlee has garnered a following of over 10 million subscribers. His channel focuses on quality tech videos and consumer electronics reviews. He is a web video producer who also hosts a podcast titled Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast. ...

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