9 Latinx Inclusion Thought Leaders & Doers You Should Know

By Rebecca Carvalho
It takes a fair amount of conscious decision making when you’re a leader in the workplace. From figuring out different work styles to how to manage a team effectively, there’s already a number of challenges that stem from team environments and workplaces, regardless of industry or profession. Figuring out how to be thoughtful, conscious, and inclusive about hires, especially when working in an environment that doesn’t always prioritize diversity, is an added layer of conscientiousness. Here are a few Latinx thought leaders and doers you should keep on your radar because aside from their day-to-day responsibilities, every decision they make is with the importance of diversity in mind.

Photo Credit: @steve_e for Complex Sneaker

Lariza Quintero, Complex Networks
At the offices of Complex, you’ll find Lariza Quintero crushing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for her team. With an extensive background in media, e-c...

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