Jack Myers – Media Ecologist – Founder, MediaVillage: Bold Voices on Inclusive Management & Marketing

Hi, I'm Jack Myers. I'm here to talk with with Darren about diversity, inclusion, equality, culture, society, business, and all the ancillary topics.
How did you get into the media, marketing and advertising industry? What has been your journey?
Well, I think I started when I was around nine years old. And where I grew up, my neighbor was a disc jockey and every Saturday morning he did his show from his home. So I'd go over and be part of his show. And just fell in love with the whole idea that was radio, and fell in love with radio, the idea of radio, the idea of being a kid growing up all the way up in upstate New York, being able to, late at night, tune into WABC radio or KDKA a or a WDAF any of the great radio stations and listen to rock and roll music. It was really just a passion for a radio and television that took me to the New House School at Syracuse majoring in radio, television.
Jack Myers (01:06):
That just always had that...

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