The Mis-Education of Kevin Hart and Wendy Williams

By Dr. Jon Paul Higgins
It’s not easy for me to say that I like Wendy Williams and Kevin Hart. While there are things that I love about both entertainers — specifically their willingness to be their authentic selves —  they have said and done things that have given me great pause: from Hart’s past comments where he described another actor as “a gay billboard for AIDS” to Williams’ most recent comments about how men shouldn’t wear skirts. At one point or another, both celebrities have made me rethink my support. 
Though it has made me extremely happy as a Black person to see Hart and Williams winning in an industry that has yet to fully embrace Black entertainers, I often cringe when I think about these past comments and how each of them are a direct attack on my identity. And though each of them have apologized for the anti-LGBTQ+ comments they have made, as someone who is queer, I often question why Black cis-het individuals sometimes feel the need to base their comedy...

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