What Do Companies Really Mean When They Say, ‘We Value Diversity’?

What Do Companies Really Mean When They Say, 'We Value Diversity'?

By Jenai Charles
Let’s face it, the American workforce and economy have a systemic racial inclusivity problem. When companies go out of their way to promote their core values and emphasize the importance of diversity, what exactly do they mean?
It could depend on the industry and the company, for starters. Many companies have different definitions for how they execute the word diversity, and that definition is usually skewed in the favor of their shareholders, customers, and what they feel most comfortable working around on a daily basis.
If you have a predominantly white male workforce, the conversations around diversity may tend to focus more on gender-based hiring, with an emphasis on more white female candidates as opposed to female candidates in general. They can also focus their recruiting efforts on bringing in different ethnic groups, nationalities or cultures of white males, presenting multinational diversity but not in a full spectrum as it relates to multicul...

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