Lack of diversity in major beauty campaigns has become evident, but the presence of Black influence is not 

By Ashley Morris

It’s 2020 and for some reason there’s still a tremendous lack of diversity when it comes to Black women and men in the beauty community. It’s very clear that large brands and corporations love to profit off of Black people and culture but do they actually support the community? With a quick Google and LinkedIn search, one can find that many of the major beauty brands lack diversity in their marketing departments - so are they interested in all communities being fulfilled throughout the entire process? 

Generally the trend with large brands I see is they believe being inclusive is limited to fifty shades of beige foundation and African American Vernacular English (AAVE) used in their digital marketing campaigns. Inclusivity does not end there. Are people of color, specifically Black people, at discussion tables for product development all the way through marketing and sales? Are they consulted with when making final decisions? There is so much more work to be done...

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