Pose’s Steven Canals Gets Real About Inclusion 

By: Dr. Jon Paul Higgins
For the last few years, the work that Steven Canals has been doing in Hollywood has garnered great attention. From creating and writing for the groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated show Pose to their recently-inked production deal with Fox, Canals could be defined as the epitome of success. But with said success comes a great deal of responsibility — a responsibility they have used to elevate the voices of other queer and trans people of color in media. 
Bold Culture sat down with Canals to discuss how they have centered inclusion in their own journey to stardom and what others can learn from their journey. 
How do marginalized creators maintain authenticity in their work in an industry that doesn’t celebrate it? 
I think it's critically important that people identify the individuals in this industry who hold power who are yielding it for good. Because ultimately, at this point in my career, I am not a gatekeeper. So, the only way that a show like Pose exist...

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