Queer Media Spotlight: Autostraddle

When I was younger, I didn’t know if I was queer or not. I may have realized it sooner if I had seen more queer people on TV and in pop culture. At the time, most media created for girls, instead, focused on men: talking about men, dating men, sleeping with men. (Boys, really.) The women I’d seen represented were mostly preoccupied with having feelings about men, mostly positive feelings about men. 
Then The L Word premiered in 2004. I was impacted by watching a group of lesbian and bisexual women living and interacting on their own terms. By then, I’d already been making my way as a freelance writer and had amassed a large following on my personal blog, which I launched while coming into my queer identity. I started recapping episodes of the show, and within 3 years, the posts forged an online community that created real-life, offline connections among a network of bi and lesbian friends.
I’d dreamt since college of running a magazine, yet the publishing world remained a boys...

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