5 Questions with Hayden Kristal – Activist and Comedian

5 Questions with Hayden Kristal - Activist and Comedian

By Tre'vell Anderson
What does inclusion mean to you?
To me, inclusion is actively taking steps to break down barriers to someone’s full and complete participation in a space or community. 
Diversity and inclusion have been a cornerstone of your career. What changes, or stagnations, have you observed over that time?
I think in today’s political climate it can be really easy to feel like society is regressing, like all of our time and pain and effort has been for nothing. But it absolutely, unequivocally, has not. Working in colleges, I’ve seen a significant shift towards valuing diversity and creating inclusivity, not just in activist spaces but as a broad cultural norm among younger people. 
What challenges exist, if any, in the work you do and how do you strive to overcome them? Can you specifically discuss some of your work around disability inclusion?
We are all working within the limited framework of our own lived experiences. As a Deaf queer activist, I hav...

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