Dwyane Wade + Terry Crews: A Lesson In Allyship

Written by Dr. Jon Paul Higgins
When you look up the word ally in the dictionary, there are multiple definitions and suggestions on how to practice it in the right way. For some, the word allyship is something that is proactive, ongoing and rooted in the process of unlearning toxic systems that are harmful to those who are marginalized and oppressed. For others, it’s about re-evaluating one’s privilege and the ways in which we abuse the power that comes with it. But for some, one of the most essential thoughts connected to being an ally focuses on actions and the ways in which an individual shows solidarity and partnership for a specific group of people. 
For some time, many associated the term “ally” with the name of Terry Crews because of how vocal he was about the moments he experienced oppression and spoke up for others who too were marginalized in entertainment. As someone who was not only once victimized by a powerful agent in Hollywood, Crews was also known for calling ...

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