How to Hire Diverse Managers

How to Hire Diverse Managers

An interview with Raychel McBride sheds light on how companies can implement hiring practices that attract the best talent

Hiring diverse managers who champion inclusive company cultures is essential to improving the workplace for your employees and assuring business success. But, how does a business get that talent into management positions? Bold Culture spoke with Raychel McBride, founder of Corporate Kin, about how companies can assure they are hiring the right managers to fit their workplace culture goals.
1. Evaluate the Present Workplace Culture
The first thing that Raychel recommends is for businesses to, “evaluate the team and see what they are missing.” In short, what are some things your employees need from management? What are some past blind spots that can be improved? And more than that, why might diverse employees be leaving your company? Raychel comments that finding the answers to what is missing can be done through different methods such as su...

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