Personal Insights: Quibi: Is it worth your investment?

Personal Insights: Quibi: Is it worth your investment?


You have just enough time to watch one show before you need to move on and do something productive around the house. Instead of spending 30 minutes deciding what you will watch and then binge-watching a series that takes much more time than you allocated – there’s another option, Quibi. 

Quibi is a streaming app, much like Netflix, that charges $4.99 a month after your 14-day free trial. The episodes of each series or chapters of a movie (how Quibi refers to them) are no more than 10 minutes, many averaging around the seven-minute mark. Initially designed for mobile phone viewing, since the streaming service launched, they’ve added the ability to stream from the app to your TV. Quibi initially launched in April 2020, with a star-studded roster including Kevin Hart, The Kardashian/Jenner family, Chrissy Teigen, and Anna Kendrick, to name a few. Some of the 10 Quibi shows nominated for Primetime Emmy Award nominations in short form categories include Dummy, #Freerayshawn (directed by Antoine Fuqua), and Reno 911!. 

With 10 Emmy nominations, one might think Quibi is having a successful launch and programming rollout,  however, it’s hard to say for sure since Quibi has very little competition in the short-form category and has not released any ratings reports on their shows. Quibi is very secretive about ratings and subscription numbers. After some extreme digging, CNN Business reported in July that Quibi had 5.6 million downloads but would not say how many downloads converted to paying subscribers to the service after the free-trial period was complete. 

A con to the service is adding another monthly subscription fee. Just when you thought cutting the cable cord was saving money, you add another bill. Here is another streaming app charging a small fee per month, adding to the once slashed cable bill. With your internet bill, plus Hulu, Netflix and Disney Plus streaming will run you nearly $32 on the low end –  and that’s not including the potential cost of a cable streaming service like YouTube TV or AT&T TV, which can add $50- $70 a month, bringing your bill back up to the same costs as traditional cable.

Overall, I would say the $4.99 subscription is worth it. A few shows starring people of color that you may want to check out include Lebron James’ I Promise (received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes), Sexology with Shan Boodram, and Kevin Hart in Die Hart. Worst-case scenario, if you don’t like a particular show, you only wasted 10 minutes and can quickly dive into another show. As the mother of two toddlers, I can barely make it through an episode before a kid interrupts, so the short-form content suits me.

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Daria A.Wright is a stay at home Millennial mom and freelance writer who is based in Columbus, Ohio. She also maintains her blog where she talks motherhood with the #2livecrew (Irish twin toddlers), culture, fashion, and self-care. When she is not writing, she can be heard belly laughing at random reality TV shows while shoe shopping online.

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