15 Latinx YouTubers You Should Follow and Why

15 Latinx YouTubers You Should Follow and Why


YouTube has been rampant with drama lately, but the rise of micro-influencers means new faces, more representation, and more quality content. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th to October 15th) we wanted to share our favorite Latinx Youtubers, ranging from English to Spanish speakers, beauty to gaming vloggers, and from a range of origins across Latin America and Mexico. 

Jessica Valdez

Subscribers: 114K


Why You Should Follow Her: LA-based Jessica Valdez’s content is honest, raw, and in tune with the latest trends. Some of her popular videos include one the rising trend of solo van-life and another where she lets a popular astrology app control her life for seven days. Her most popular video, with over 4.4 million views, talks about her experience using a menstrual cup for 7 days, giving viewers that big sister energy we need. 

A little bit of Monika 

Subscribers: 94K


Why You Should Follow Her: Have you ever wondered what film to watch based on your zodiac sign or your Harry Potter house? Monika has a video for that. A film major living in Los Angeles but originally from Argentina, Monika’s charming pastel thumbnails and pop culture-centered videos are entertaining and light-hearted. This is the perfect channel to escape into when the daily news cycle becomes a bit too overwhelming. 


Diana Chamomile

Subscribers: 124K 


Why You Should Follow Her: Ever dream of living in New York with a wardrobe full of vintage clothing? Then you’ll enjoy Diana’s content. Thrift hauls, how to style vintage finds, and dreamy home decor are just some of the things she talks about on her channel.  Her recent videos are perfect for Animal Crossing and fashion lovers, like the video where she recreates her character’s outfits. 


Jo Franco 

Subscribers: 93K


Why You Should Follow Her: The Brazilian travel blogger, Jo Franco, recently started her own channel. Jo has ventured into creating content on journaling and career advice but never strays too far from her roots: languages and travel. Her company, Shut Up and Go, has a joint channel called Damon and Jo, which has over 1.28 million subscribers and a ton of comedic videos about travel, languages, and more.


Bailey Sarian 

Subscribers: 2.41M


Why You Should Follow Her: Bailey quickly shot to millions of subscribers when her series, Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday, took off. In this series, she discusses a true crime story and does her makeup at the same time. Her makeup looks are gorgeous, the stories captivating, and her light-hearted but conscious tone keeps things respectful of the subject. 


Massy Arias

Subscribers: 139K


Why You Should Follow Her: Looking for motivation on how to get back into shape? Massy Arias is here to help. Her YouTube channel covers workouts, recipes, and tips on how to have the correct form when exercising.



Sarahy Delarosa

Subscribers: 600+K


Why You Should Follow Her: Delarosa is another brown-skinned beauty guru who focuses on glam looks, sometimes taking inspiration from celebrities like the Kardashians. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan where she breaks down her favorite bronze summer look, and proudly integrates her Hispanic heritage into her process.


MonicaStyle Muse

Subscribers: 396K


Why You Should Follow Her: Monica hails from the Dominican Republic and provides honest makeup reviews, fashion advice and insights on Dominican culture. Most of her content is bilingual, perfect for anyone who is practicing either English or Spanish, including a hilarious video where she tries to teach her boyfriend how to speak Spanish (spoiler: it’s a total fail) and a tutorial on how to dance bachata. 


Pepe y Teo

Subscribers: 733K


Why You Should Follow Them: Pepe and Teo have a joint channel completely in Spanish that focuses on their LGBTQIA+ contemporary lifestyle through the perspective of two Mexican gay men. In some of their videos, they try to recreate popular beauty guru looks or introduce their tías to TikTok



Subscribers: Over 1M.


Why You Should Follow Herr: Sustainability, wellness, and clean beauty are Alba’s specialty, and it’s important to see more women of color in this niche. One of her most popular series gives tips and tricks for taking care of natural, curly hair. Alba also opens up about her life as a mom to an autistic son, shares recipe ideas, and gives viewers an honest glimpse into her life and personal wellness journey. 

 Yo’ Homegirl

Subscribers: 79.1K


Why You Should Follow Her: A Peruvian beauty living in South Korea, Nathalie is a fashion and lifestyle content creator. From a new series on how to dress for your body type usually in eclectic thrifted clothes to vlogs on what it’s like living and traveling in South Korea with her friends, Nathalie’s vibe is as unique and fun as her wardrobe. 


Theresa Hurato

Subscribers: 135K


Why You Should Follow Her: Theresa is unique in the beauty vlogger world for her height (she’s 4’9”!) and is Peruvian, a combination we don’t see too often on YouTube. Theresa isn’t afraid to get vulnerable either, as seen in one of her latest videos where she shares her experience of ending a 9-year relationship. 


Maiah Ocando

Subscribers: 743K


Why You Should Follow Her: Maiah is a bilingual Venezuelan YouTuber living in Los Angeles who posts videos about lifestyle, health and fitness, and language tips in both English and Spanish. Each video contains subtitles and in her latest videos, she gives her viewers some tips on speaking Englishexplained in Spanishwhich is perfect for Spanish native speakers.


Views on the Road

Subscribers: 581K


Why you should follow them: Stephanie and Cloud are the two-sister team behind this channel dedicated to authentic Mexican recipes. Everything from tacos (they’ve shared various recipes of the popular dish, like chicken and chile con carne) to vegan renditions of classics like the vegan albondigas recipe they shared a week ago. Stephanie is usually in front of the camera with Cloud behind it, but the dynamic between the two sisters appears on screen, adding a humorous and authentic flair to their videos.


Andrés in Inglés 

Subscribers: 609K 


Why You Should Follow Him: Andrés is a self-taught English speaker who moved to New York and created his channel so that he can help others learn to speak English. He explains everything in Spanish perfect for native Spanish speakers. His videos focus on the lesser-discussed issues of speaking English, which helps those who want to learn to speak more naturally.



Jessica is a freelance writer based in Madrid, Spain. When she’s not writing, she’s marathoning horror, reading, and taking photos around the city. Learn more about her at artistandthecity.com

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