“I am Black and Latinx”: Afro-Latinxs on Embracing Their Dual Identities

Written by Vivian Iroanya
The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted conversations around acknowledging and being more inclusive of different identities. Afro-descendants of the Latinx community have historically felt marginalized by both their Black and Latinx communities. The Black Lives Matter protests have reignitied conversations around identity, and many have started embracing their dual identities: Black and Latinx. For generations, Afro-Latinxs individuals had to choose between worlds. But now, many are speaking out as to why both identities need to be heard and represented.
“I have felt many times like I had to choose, but I’m glad that I chose to be myself instead.” 

Marcela Lopez, an office administrator from Nevada, told Culture Hub that the anti-blackness and colorism in the Latinx community are deep-rooted and it’s a fight she’s constantly working on erasing. “I have unpleasant conversations with my Latinx communit...

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