Personal Insights: Ode to Small Businesses

Personal Insights: Ode to Small Businesses

By Rebecca Carvalho

When COVID-19 reached its peak in the United States, everything from cleaning products to the typical milk-bread-eggs combination that sells out during snowstorms flew off store shelves. Understandably, during March and April, we started social distancing, lockdowns, and more depending on the state you lived in. In my small town, I was saved by the same establishment that has swiftly swept in to save the day on numerous occasions: my local bodega. Its dully-lit open sign has shone like a bright beacon during the most in-a-pinch times: when I’m craving potato chips, want a sandwich well past the hours of any restaurant or bar, or need tampons before going on a long drive.
As everyone flooded supermarkets and bulk bought every cleaner in sight, I walked down the street to see if they had any of my usual essentials. I was able to get toilet paper, locally made pita bread, Greek yogurt, and Clorox wipes. In a world where everything felt like it w...

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