The Significance of Intersectional Marketing When Targeting Afro-Latinx Consumers

By: Bianca Gonzalez


You may believe your marketing strategy is inclusive because you’re appealing to a variety of demographic groups, and you’ve used demographic-based data to back your findings to apply, for example, to your next campaign. Afro-Latinos, however, and other consumers from multi-racial backgrounds are often denied the option to accurately portray their identity in studies. 24% of Afro-Latinos say they report their race as Hispanic, while 18% report their race as Black, and only 9% report as a mix of two or more races. Surprisingly, 39% of Afro-Latinos say they report their race as white (source). By acknowledging the diverse lived experiences and cultural influences that can span across ethnic groups that are often generalized, you’ll be able to break out of a one-size-fits-all approach to diversity in your marketing and achieve an inclusive, intersectional, and effective marketing strategy.


To start, demographic groups that live at the intersec...

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