8 LGBTQ Women on the Ballot in 2020

By Sarah Prager


According to the LGBTQ Victory Institute, the number of women in elected office in the U.S. who identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or another identity under the LGBTQ+ umbrella has nearly doubled since 2017. This November, there are 125 LGBTQ+ women on the ballot seeking seats in Congress, judges’ benches, mayor’s offices, and state legislatures across the United States. Here are eight of them, each a history-maker in her own right.
Stephanie Byers
Running for: Kansas House of Representatives, District 86

Stephanie Byers recently retired after 29 years of teaching for Wichita Public Schools, but isn’t slowing down her work. Byers hopes to become the first openly transgender member of the Kansas state legislature.

Park Cannon
Running for: Georgia House of Representatives, District 58

Park Cannon became the youngest member of the Georgia House of Representatives in 2016 when she was elected at the age of 24. She is runn...

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