Across the Generations: How Black Audiences Are Consuming Media Today

By Kayla Johnson


American media consumption is at an all-time high and Black influence on popular culture is undeniable. The influx in Black content creators, entertainers, and entrepreneurs is a result of the representational gaps in media and entertainment. Black Americans are leveraging their resources to intensify their influence and participation as consumers. With steady advancements in the digital world, they are able to connect and collaborate across an array of networks, create new products and services that cater to their unmet needs, and critique those who continue to neglect their desires and requests. 

Power of the Black Voice 
African Americans’ participation on social platforms has significantly increased their impact. The power of Black Twitter alone had a tremendous effect on popular brands over the past year. Black Twitter users are constantly holding companies accountable for their racial & cultural insensitivity and lack of representatio...

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