Black Democratic Candidates to Watch This Year

By Nikki Brueggeman


2020 is ramping up to be one of the most competitive election years to date. As we look towards how we will vote in November, here are some Black Democratic candidates running for state and federal office. Marie Claire has compiled a long list of Black candidates. Here are a few candidates to follow this year. (As a note of transparency to readers, I am a Democratic voter and have interned for a Democratic US Senator.) The following is not an endorsement of any candidates.

State Legislature Candidates

Coral Evans

Arizona’s 6th District
Coral is the mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona who began her public service career as a city council member. As a candidate for Arizona’s 6th District, a key part of her campaign is centering the importance of small businesses. She also is a strong proponent of educational reforms, promising on her website to “get more money in our classrooms.” Coral believes in “local control”, promising to fight fo...

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