Building Inclusion & Trust: How Black Consumers Advance Advertising And Culture

By Cory Utsey


Black Americans are the most prominent trendsetters and consumers of this age.

Whether through fashion, music, lingo, or dancing, Black people serve as a powerful force in determining what is trendy and innovative—ultimately impacting how Americans spend money.

Through their 2019 Diverse Intelligence Series (DIS) Report on Black American spending habits, Nielsen Holdings found that Black consumers are adaptive, willing to try new things, and some of the most receptive to modern forms of advertising. 

Nielsen also determined that Black buying power, which compares to the gross domestic products of some countries, is often driven by a focus on culture and the moral values of the brands they patronize.  

Direct support and representation are vital in obtaining the Black dollar, and maintaining the interest and engagement of Black consumers is an important step in garnering support from other communities.

As natural trendsetters, Black consumers ha...

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