Fenty Empire Breaking the Mold with Intentional Diversity

By Alicia A. Wallace


Rihanna has become a cultural icon right before our eyes. In everything she does, there is diversity and an unmatched passion for delivering high quality products. She has a penchant for taking what we already know and love and pushing it a bit further, showing us how much better everything can be with enough inspiration and just the right touch. She challenges the boundaries of genre in music, ensuring that we would never be able to put her in a box. In recent years, as we await her ninth album, Rihanna has spread her wings and taken on other industries, refreshing long-standing products and making them more accessible to consumers who are often overlooked. Diversity and inclusion are not buzzwords for the Fenty empire. They are embedded into the way Rihanna does business. Nothing she does is one-note.

Rihanna entered the music scene in 2005 with Pon the Replay, the first single from Music of the Sun. Many expected her to be a one-hit wonder, a...

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