How “The Light Leaks” is Diversifying the Future of Film

By Celina Jimenez

For a budding filmmaker trying to make their mark on the world, a supportive community can make all the difference. But in an industry that continues to be male-dominated, how can female and gender-nonconforming filmmakers find their way in?

Founded in 2016 by filmmaker and entrepreneur Kim Hoyos, The Light Leaks is a safe space and resource for female and gender-nonconforming filmmakers to share their work and connect with a community of supportive, like-minded creators. 

For Kim, The Light Leaks wasn’t an idea that began with the goal of making money or becoming a business. It was simply a passion project she created out of a need to be seen and heard for who she truly was —  a young, first-generation Colombian-American woman trying to create emotionally-driven visual work in a male-dominated industry.
The numbers speak for themselves
During her time at Rutgers University, Kim became acutely aware of the lack of diversity in the film industry.

“There w...

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