Meet the GenZ TikTokers leading first-time voters to the polls in November

By Vivian Iroanya


TikTok, once a fairly new platform, now has the potential to attract first-time voters to the polls in November. With over 66% of TikTok users under the age of 24, roughly 24 million Gen Z’ers will have the opportunity to cast a ballot next month, forming about 10% of eligible voters. 

I spoke to TikTok creators with viral videos and millions of likes that are using their platform as an educational tool and turning a creative platform into a political scene for Gen Z’ers. 

“We are here, and we are here to make a difference”

North Carolina student Myles Green (@redpresidentyellow) is a member of AntiTrumpHypeHouse.

The account was formed to “stop people from voting for Trump in November,” Myles says. “We want to spread awareness about his terrible actions, words, and policies to prevent another four years of him.”  According to Pew Research, 77% of registered Gen Z’ers voters disapprove of how Trump is “handling his job as presi...

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