Personal Insights: Why Isn’t Disability A Bigger Part of the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation?

Why Isn't Disability A Bigger Part of the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation?

People with disabilities are often mentioned as if they’re in a constant state of unhappiness because of their disability, leaving us to wonder how anyone can be proud of their experiences as disabled people. Why then, are people proud of their sexual orientation or their cultural background even if it makes their lives harder? It’s because, despite our struggles in the world as minorities, who we are isn’t a burden. We can be proud to be disabled. 

Several powerful figures in history were or are currently disabled, but mention of their disabilities is usually omitted when honoring their achievements. Frida Kahlo, for example, contracted polio at the age of six, which left her with a noticeable limp. Further, she was severely injured in a trolley accident when she was 18 and took up painting while she was bed-ridden. Kahlo underwent 30 operations in her lifetime and despite being in constant pain, she created over 100 paintings in her lifetime. She was also bisexual and had affairs ...

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