Black Millennial Travel Through COVID-19

Black Millennial Travel Through COVID-19

The Black travel movement has grown to unprecedented numbers over the last decade. The movement, mainly powered by Black American millennials, encourages both domestic and international travel with a goal to experience different cultures. In a Mandala Research report, this demographic spent $63 billion on travel in 2018, up from $43 billion in 2010. Further, Black Americans are not only the fastest-growing traveler demographic in the industry according to the United States Travel Association (USTA), but they are also setting the top travel trends of 2020. These include cultural and heritage-based offerings, relaxation and unplugging methods, and culinary experiences.


Greater access to education, higher income levels, the power of social media, and the popularity of Black travel groups are significant factors that have contributed to the increase of Black travelers over the years. Generally, Black travel groups and companies curate experiences for travelers to meet as stran...

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