Why are agencies struggling with recruiting and retaining Black talent?

But Really, Where Are All the Black People?

But Really, Where Are All the Black People?
Many brands and organizations have used tweets, billboards, jerseys, and commercials to indicate support for Black people fighting against police violence. Advertising agencies have increased their diversity efforts by holding listening sessions, promoting staff, and making donations, but many Black creatives are not convinced of the long-term commitment to an inclusive work environment. Are agencies doing enough to attract, nurture, and develop Black talent?
Advertising is known to have a high barrier of entry for prospective employees. With much of the recruiting done in-network, Black talent seems to find it difficult to break into an industry where less than 3% of executive management and only 4% of mid-level management looks like them. Still, the creative field is an attractive landing spot with many perks and the promise of creative nirvana. Despite agencies providing career-defining opportunities to creatives through o...

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