Netflix Inclusion In Action Case Study

Netflix Inclusion In Action Case Study

By Siona Peterous


If you’re a Black or brown person who works in any company in any industry, chances are you have sat through a frustrating 'diversity and inclusion in the workplace' training. Even if you haven’t sat through one of these sessions, you more than likely have seen how companies—especially media entities—often say they are pushing for greater diversity. Much of people's wariness regarding diversity and inclusion efforts is tied to the reality that too often, the hard work required to make that phrase a reality isn't fully actualized. Making a workplace more diverse so it represents marginalized racial groups requires as much intention as ensuring that those people have a genuine space to have their ideas implemented.


When media giant Netflix announced it was introducing various diversity measures, people had no choice but to pay attention. The streaming service launched its Strong Black Lead (SBL) initiative with a cinematic advertisement featuri...

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