The Impact of Black Women Who Are TV Leads

The Impact of Black Women Who Are TV Leads

Statements of love and stories of nostalgia flooded social media after Netflix included Black comedic classics like Sister, Sister, Moesha, and Girlfriends to its queue. All of the shows have one key element in common: Black female leads. 


Seeing Black women's triumphs, struggles, and identities on network television are essential and the true embodiment of "for us, by us." a concept that brings art and culture made for and by the Black American community. These shows manifest how vital it is to have Black women in the writer's room, behind the camera, and in front of the camera, to depict the complex and layered elements of being a Black woman, our stories have to be created and told by us.


Nineties shows like Living Single, Girlfriends, and Moesha depicted and created a representation for the strength of Black women's friendships and what challenges Black women have to face both professionally and personally. These shows brought light to what Black women fac...

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