Why the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Must Prioritize Black Womxn

By: Corinne Dorsey
In today’s workplace , companies have been expanding their D&I programs and initiatives to prioritize the experiences of marginalized groups to ensure professional equity  for current and future employees. Yet, these same entities  fail to implement incorporating D&I initiatives from an intersectional lens.
Black womxn live at the intersection of "double jeopardy," a unique social condition that specifically impacts those who simultaneously experience the microaggressions of  racism and sexism. The term was pioneered by Black feminist and activist Frances M.Beal in 1969 through her research on the consequences of double jeopardy, which shed light on its detrimental impact on Black womxn's professional success.  Kimberlé Crenshaw, American lawyer and civil rights advocate, later coined the term “intersectionality” to help explain the oppression that is specific to Black women. 

"If I'm a black woman, I have some disadvantages because I...

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