If Your Workplace Isn’t Accessible, It Can’t Be Inclusive

If Your Workplace Isn't Accessible, It Can't Be Inclusive

Is your workplace accessible? While it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of ability, many workspaces don't have accessibility measures fully integrated into their systems. An inaccessible workplace can hinder overall workspace performance. One Accenture report found that companies that practiced disability inclusion in their workforce outperformed their less-accessible peers. The study details that companies who haven’t prioritized accessibility usually lacked understanding in its potential benefits, the scope of available talent, and the cost versus ROI of disability inclusion. Workplaces are missing out on the benefits of inclusivity when they fail to make it accessible to everyone. Below are some of the benefits of an accessible workplace as well as some ways to create equitable work environments.

Disability-inclusive workspaces see a number of performance benefits. Accenture found that between 2015 and 2018, organizations that prioritized disability inclusion had on average...

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